Career Training Through Online Education and E – Learning by 2010

The appeal of an online education through distance learning as an educational alternative is ever increasing. “Its presence will continue to grow”, say curriculum directors, who expect that by 2010 nearly a fifth of students will be taking some of their career training coursework through online education or E-learning at an online university or college.Technological advances in medicine, aerospace, agriculture, the environment, communications and education permeate the world we live in. We have new drugs and vaccines, new ways to strengthen the immune system, the International Space Station, alternative crop and livestock systems, renewable energy sources, personalized information technology and E-learning, online education and distance learning.oWith the introduction of $100 Laptops by MIT, E-learning will reach millions of children in developing nations like Brazil, China, South Africa, Egypt and others.Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is working on a plan to distribute the laptops to schoolchildren. A goal of the project is to make the low-cost PC a grassroots movement like Linux or Wikipedia. The laptops will have a 500MHz processor, 1GB of memory and an innovative dual-mode display that can be used in full-color mode, or in a black-and-white sunlight-readable mode. Power for the new systems will be provided by electric current, batteries or by a windup crank attached to the side, since many countries do not have power in remote areas. The systems will be Wi-Fi and cell phone-enabled and will include four USB ports for connectivity. “The idea is simple. It’s an education project that will make online education a simple reality.”Research has predicted that in the future more people will complete their studies at home as distance learning concepts continue to evolve. Over two million students enroll for online university and online college courses each year. Just as the world continues to change so must the conditions in which we live and learn. In a fast paced society we will see E-learning designed to accommodate busy students – time flexible, geographically independent, competitive cost and value and learner-centered. E-learning offers both synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning thus enabling a student to access information anywhere and at anytime. The numerous features and benefits of an Online Education and E-Learning will play a major role in post secondary career oriented education.o E-learning is self-paced and gives students a chance to speed up or slow down as necessaryo Geographical barriers are eliminated, opening up broader education optionso 24/7 accessibility makes distance learning easy and allows a greater number of people to attend classeso Travel time and associated costs (parking, fuel, vehicle maintenance) are reducedo Online education fosters greater student interaction and collaborationo E-learning is self-directed, allowing students more control over their learning process, leading up to a 60% faster learning curve.o Web-based products allow instructors to update lessons and materials across the entire network instantly.o Develops knowledge of the Internet that will help learners throughout their careerso Exposure to resources not commonly found in standard classroom settingsWireless technology has paved way for Mobile Learning, where one can easily access learning materials anywhere and at anytime. Instructional and communication techniques create an interactive online education environment including case studies, demonstrations, role-playing, simulations, streamed videos, online references, discussion groups, personalized coaching and mentoring, chat rooms, bulletin boards, tutorials, FAQ’s and wizards.Collaborative education will play an important role in developing future Online Education and E-learning strategies. Almost all Learning Management Systems (LMS) conforming to E-learning standards offer collaborative networks, enabling students from remote areas to share knowledge and communicate ideas with fellow classmates from around the country and the world.Virtual and Augmented learning will gradually replace existing scenarios thus giving a new dimension to knowledge management. Certain concepts which are difficult to imagine or simulate can be implemented using augmented learning.As we make our way into the future we can appreciate and embrace the way technology has created education options that give us the flexibility to balance our lives. The future is upon us and it is up to each one of us to take advantage of what technology has to offer!

Online Education Courses – Helpful Advice

Online opportunities prove to be a convenient pursuit for higher education in the latest computer era. Students on many different levels are being catered to through internet schools from different parts of the globe. Without leaving home on any regular schedule, this is a great set-up for educational advancements for the young or old alike. Various reasons are given for attending a traditional school, including social involvements, although the social interaction can be completed through chat rooms versus actual socializing with teachers and peers using an online format. Allowing the timid students to assert themselves with online communications is a bonus when it relates to the intimidation normally holding them back with face-to-face talks involving instructors and classmates.With the ability to select the appropriate educational format, study at one’s own pace, choose courses or programs not typically available in the local area as well as the student’s own involvement in this type of formal learning are some of the remarkable reasons to make online schooling your choice. Additional, these wonderful options for education are favored for some personal situations including residence location, pregnancies, jobs, sicknesses or the family dynamics. Formal schooling has been foregone or postponed prior to the high technology age for the individuals experiencing any of these circumstances. An online education degree can be accomplished by anyone regardless of their conditions.With more ease and convenience getting a degree can be obtained through many programs provided by online schools and typically at a lower cost than institutions of the conventional nature. The degree of your dreams can be achieved with the wide array of educational courses available online ranging from the doctorate to preschool. Offering nursing, education, agriculture, business, arts and sciences, as well as engineering are a few of the course choices on a college level which has a complete course list equal to any physical university. Additionally, there are specialized or short certificate programs online such as singing, dancing, drawing, baking, cooking and many others.Continually with each passing years the number grows regarding the people opting to study through the internet. Online education is proving to be truly effective, wondrous, inspiring, impressive, convenient, and practical along with the experts’ study stating that for online students they show a maximum efficiency rating. Subsequently, using the capacity, time and personal status of each student gives them a greater feeling of personal achievement at the course’s end or after receiving that well-deserved diploma.

Online Education And Online Courses – Advantages

Online education and online courses are most popular now a days.This popularity is due to the advantages these programs consists. These
advantages contains
Time Saving
These advantages of online education and online courses are
discussed below.1. Easiness :The course outline, material and test systems are easy
in online education and online courses as compared to the other manual education which
consist heavy books and light information. The material provided in these
programs are quite informative and skilled which lead the students to not only
high scores in but also to the better career enhancement.2.Flexibility :Flexibility is the most important feature and
advantage of online education and online courses. These programs are very flexible as
compare to manual education. Online e-Lectures provide the flexibility in these
programs. Students can learn any thing or enroll themselves in any degree
program from either their homes or institutes or whatever and can learn any
where. In short students enroll themselves in these programs carry school with
them in their laptop bags.3.Time Saving :In normal, students have to spent their precious 5-6
hours in colleges and universities. But as far as online education and online courses are
concerned, these are less consumer of time as compared to manual system of
education. By saving times through these degree programs online, students not
only lesser the burden but also gain some experience by working for some
organizations or by self employment. This productive use of time enhance their
quality and career.4. Inexpensive :Online education and online courses are also inexpensive as
compared to manual degrees. The basic requirement of these programs are just a
computer and internet connection. These requirements are also the basic
requirement of any house and each house contain them. The education material and
test systems are online in these education degrees and courses which cut the cost of books
and notes.